Native Power Shamanic Brainwave Meditations

Access Shamanic States of Mind for Intuitive Guidance and Profound Healing, In a Fast and Effective Way!

Invoke Your the Power of Your Spirit Guides and
Experience Shamanic Healing in a Fast and Effective Way

Powerful Visionary,

Does it seem like the world is on the brink of collapse and that people around you have gone crazy?

Are you worried that the entire financial system might crumble like a fragile house of cards?

Is having to make important life decisions in the face of increasing uncertainty and complexity triggering stress and anxiety?

On top of this, super hurricanes, mega fires and ecological decline continue to add to the sense of foreboding you might have about your and your family’s future.

In normal times, you’d seek solidarity with other humans. But the global pandemic (especially the polarization of pandemic worldviews) seems to have created an even greater sense of isolation and separation.

If you are feeling stress and anxiety in these chaotic times, know that you are not alone!

Fear, stress and anxiety are normal biological responses when faced with uncertainty and threats to existence… and it may seem like there’s a lot threatening humanity’s existence right now!

Resilience begins when we cultivate the ability to accept, own responsibility for, and process our most difficult emotions, without letting them overwhelm us, prevent us from living our best life, or hinder us achieving our goals.

When we can overcome fear of uncertainty and feel confident in the choices we make in the face of complexity, we can exert mastery over our lives.

But sometimes, it isn’t easy for us to do this on our own.

That’s where this combination of modern and ancient technologies can help!

Brainwave Training:
A Modern Technology to Accelerate Healing & Reprogram Your Mind

Here’s how brainwave technologies can train the mind...

The neurons in your brain can form patterns of activity, like waves rippling through water, at different speeds. These neural oscillations are called brainwaves. The faster brainwave frequencies are associated with more concentrated thought and learning, while slower brainwave frequencies are associated with sleep, dreaming, and introspection.

Brainwave technologies are modern tools that help you experience a variety of different brainwave states, with more ease and swiftness than through regular sitting meditation practice, which can be challenging for many of us who live in fast-paced, industrialized societies.

Binaural beats and isochronic tones can help people sync their brain waves to a more meditative, relaxed, focused, or high performance state within minutes. These brainwave frequencies are typically mixed into the background of ambient or meditation music. Just by listening to brainwave music, you can train your mind to shift into desired states of consciousness, especially if you are feeling stressed, anxious or caught up in negative stories.

Different brainwave frequencies, measured in hertz, support different mind-state objectives. Below is a chart that illustrates the different brainwave frequencies produced by the brain, and the states of consciousness they are associated with:

Image source: Binaural Beats Freak

What Are the Best Brainwave Frequencies for Shamanic Healing?

Theta waves are the slowest form of brainwaves that you can have while still being conscious. Theta wave frequencies range from 4-8 hertz and are associated with dreaming, deep meditation states and shamanic states of consciousness.

Theta brainwaves can have a number of positive effects on your mind and body, including:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety. Theta brainwaves are associated with calmer states of mind, helping you to access more measured thoughts, while also relaxing your body.
  • Greater creativity. The theta wave state is associated with more creative thinking, making it more likely for you to overcome creative blocks.
  • Boosted insight. Being in a theta state can help you explore yourself more deeply, give you more self-awareness and enhance your intuition.
  • Access to the subconscious. Theta waves are the closest we can get to unconsciousness. Being one step away from sleep can help you retrieve valuable information from your subconscious mind.

You can quickly reach a shamanic state of consciousness simply by listening to theta wave frequencies for a few minutes.

With this guided brainwave meditation series, you can drop into the shamanic journey experience any time, any day, without having to:

  • Sit on a meditation cushion for as long as it takes, in order to deeply calm your mind
  • Listen to shamanic drumming for as long as it takes to enter into trance, or
  • Plan and attend an 8 hour plant medicine ceremony

Shamanic Plant Medicine:
An Ancient Technology to Access Healing and Insight
Through Expanded States of Consciousness

Shamanic ceremonies with visionary plant medicines have been used in cultures around the world for healing and spiritual purposes. But it takes planning, time and money to attend a plant medicine ceremony or retreat. And with the pandemic under way, travel has become much more difficult.

Many people are turning to microdosing in order to stay spiritually connected to their plant spirit allies, or to simply experience the transformational benefits on a more gentle, subtle level.

The scientific community is optimistic about the benefits of microdosing psychedelics. Outcomes will differ depending on the substance you are working with. Early studies on microdosing magic mushrooms have shown that:

  • Most people who microdose with magic mushrooms experience improved mood and reduced anxiety, and greater connection to other people and nature (Lea et al, 2020a)
  • 44% of people who microdose for mental health reasons report their mental health to be “much better” after microdosing (Lea et al, 2020b)
  • Microdoses of magic truffles can improve creative thinking (Prochazkova et al, 2018)

These positive benefits may be small and probably vary from person to person, but as research builds and we get better at developing well-controlled microdosing studies, we’ll develop a deeper understanding of the therapeutic benefits of microdosing.

Brainwave meditations and microdosing have been the biggest support to me in these turbulent times. Using this powerful combination of modern and ancient technology, I’ve been able to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety, especially around uncertainty
  • Boost my creativity and quickly find solutions to my problems
  • Uplift my mood and increase confidence in my ability to master life

This is why I am so excited to bring to you this new modality of working with plant medicines. What’s more…

The Shamanic Mind Training® Method is Especially Designed for Plant Medicine Practitioners

With brainwave-supported microdosing, within a few minutes you can begin shamanic journeying, accessing the interdimensional realms, insights, and healing as a daily practice, without the time commitment, expense, or discomfort that a full ceremony typically involves.

Don’t get me wrong, guided meditation music is not a substitute for a safe, skillfully led plant medicine ceremony with live music. I love attending plant medicine ceremonies with my favorite shamans and musicians. But you know what? Full psychedelic ceremonies can be unpredictable. You go in thinking you are fine, and the next thing you know, you might be processing a deeply buried, long-forgotten childhood trauma, that now consumes days, weeks, or even months to unpack and integrate.

This is why I love combining microdosing and brainwave music. I can do this more often, while enhancing my mind, creativity, inspiration, and intuition, without needing to sign up for deep emotional processing or extended integration.

The Native Power Shamanic Brainwave Meditations package allows you to combine plant medicines, microdosing, and the latest neuroscience of brainwaves into a state of enhanced healing and calmness.

These meditations, when used together with microdosing your favorite plant medicine, can help to immediately and profoundly shift your mental state from one of anxiety, confusion, and restlessness, into calm, focus, and insight...


Native Power
Shamanic Mind-Training Meditations for
Plant Medicine People

These theta brainwave audio meditations were designed to support you in your personal plant medicine practice, to open a pristine ceremonial space wherever you might be, release negativity to the earth, open to the flow of ever-present abundance and to call forth the power of your guides and allies.

Native Power is a series of theta wave isochronic compositions that is beautifully arranged with sounds of nature, a trance-inducing rhythm, and uplifting instrumental melodies, intentionally designed to bring you into a state of active shamanic journeying.

Combined with microdoses of your chosen plant medicine, the Native Power meditations offer you the chance to immediately immerse yourself in the shamanic realms that your plant ally can give you access to.

What’s included:

Invocation: Invoke Pristine Protection

Open up a protective ritual space using this powerful ceremonial opening invocation. Do this whenever you pray with shamanic medicines so that only the highest frequency of love and light is permitted in the ceremonial space.

Grounding: Release All Fear & Negativity

Ground into the present moment by releasing fearful stories and negative emotions arising from present challenges and prior traumas.

Empowerment: Walk with Guides & Allies

Summon your spiritual guides and allies to your side so that they can walk with you through all aspects of life.

Wholeness: Soul Retrieval with the Five Elements

Call forth any fragments of yourself which may have splintered from your spiritual body, rebalance your energy and reclaim wholeness through the healing power of the Five Elements.

Here's What You Get...

Four twenty-minute long, original guided meditation audio compositions that artfully blend deep meditation theta wave isochronic tones, ambient instrumental music and Nature sounds, that you can download to any device.

Four short audio lessons introducing each guided meditation’s core shamanic concepts

Worksheets and journaling exercises to deepen your self-knowledge and transformation

All of the sessions can be accessed in our members area for streaming or direct download so that you can listen on your favorite device (iPad, Smart Phone, Computer, etc.)


Bonus #1 - The 7 Kinds Of Spirit Guides & How To Consciously Communicate With Yours

Yamile Yemoonyah is a certified spirit guide medium and Hay House author. During her readings and courses, she helps her clients connect and consciously communicate with their own spirit guides in order to achieve full alignment with their higher self and the purpose of their current incarnation. You’ll discover:

  • The seven kinds of spirit guides you can connect with
  • How to know which of the seven kinds of spirit guide you actually have
  • How to consciously connect and communicate with your own spirit guides

Bonus #2 - Bridging the Gap: Modern Ancients & Microdosing

Kevin Oroszlan is a (R)Evolutionary Coach, Yoga Teacher, Freestyle MC, & Workshop Leader with a passion for microdosing. In this mind-expanding interview, he shares:

  • How all ancient religions and mystery traditions seemed to have been partnering with plants for access to the divine and guidance for society
  • How to combine microdosing with superfoods for optimal mind-body wellness
  • Why microdosing and personal responsibility can be the antidote to mediocrity and apathy in the modern world

Bonus #3 - Create Your Personal Plant Spirit Ceremony at Home

Learn how to create your own mini plant spirit ceremony at home using mood-enhancing shamanic plants and herbs that integrate well with day to day life. Discover:

  • Which plant medicines are ideal for morning rituals, and why
  • What plant medicines to use for evening rituals and enhanced dreaming
  • How to connect to the consciousness of the plants for healing and guidance

Bonus #4 - Plant Medicine Overview (& Discounts)

  • A list of suggested plant medicines, including links to trusted vendors and discounts

Your Instructor

Lorna Liana
Lorna Liana

Deep in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, Lorna "Liana" Li discovered her purpose and her divine calling while drinking visionary plant medicines with indigenous shamans. She was given a mission:

“To leverage emerging technologies to preserve indigenous traditions, so that ancient wisdom can benefit the modern world, and technology can empower indigenous people.”

In pursuit of this mission, Lorna became a new media strategist to sustainable brands, social ventures and visionary entrepreneurs, helping them attract their tribe and ignite a movement around their mission-driven businesses. Through podcasting, video blogging and social media, she shares the stories of both indigenous people and the world’s foremost experts in psychedelic science, modern shamanism, and consciousness research to inspire each and every one of us to explore the depths of our minds, spirits, planet…and evolve.

She has spent the past 20 years exploring shamanism, spirituality, and expanded states of consciousness through meditation, breathwork, and visionary medicines. She spent 3 years in a Tibetan meditation center, participated in 100+ ayahuasca ceremonies, and spends extended time in the restricted areas of the Brazilian Amazon as a guest of indigenous tribes.

Lorna created this course to address a growing concern around the use of visionary plant medicines, especially by Western participants. Traditional indigenous societies engaged in practices to prepare for and integrate experiences with psychoactive plant medicines, within a framework of support by the community, shamans, and elders.

With the explosion of interest in the West, coupled with inadequate preparation and integration, there is an alarming phenomenon of Westerners emerging from shamanic experiences worse than when they started.

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